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I own a house.  A house in a town where I no longer live.  Currently that home is being rented out by a young couple and their adorable two year old son.  So that makes me a landlord.  However, I am also a renter.  I am renting a duplex in the area where I now work.  I HATE renting.  I feel like I am pissing away money every month.  Not to mention that I live in a much smaller place now, but my rent is 400 dollars more expensive than my house payments.  That’s the difference between rural Maine and Southern Seacoast Maine.  I would love to think about purchasing a home in this area, but damn these places are expensive!  I fear I may be a renter for a long time.

I came across this blog a while back and I keep going back to it.  I love these little homes.  It is just me, I don’t need a ton of space.  In fact, the less space the better.  That means the less crap I accumulate.  When I moved from my house to the duplex I began the purging process.  I still have so much more I can get rid of .  It is just stuff, right?  Why do we (or maybe just me?) feel the need to possess so many material objects?  This is something I really want to work on.  Minimalism.  That’s what 2012 is about for me.

You really should check out the Tumbleweed homes.  Some of them are so cool.  I love looking at how people maximize their small spaces.   I really love the B-53 (pictured above).  It is so stinking cute.  Can’t you just picture yourself sipping tea and reading a book on that porch?  Just a little tiny patch of land needed.  Some sunflowers in the yard.  Home sweet home.


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I have always wanted to write a book.  The problem is that I have never been able to come up with a subject or a story that seemed book worthy to me.  Every single time I think I come up with a pretty decent plot line, I realize it is just a modernized version of a Jane Austen novel or Shakespeare play or my main character sounds just like Holden Caulfield.   It is as though I don’t have an original thought in my mind.

But about a week ago, I realized I don’t need to create a story.  Why not tell my story?  You see, it started with some text messages between me and an old friend from college.  I was sharing  a few highlights from some of my, shall we say, “more interesting” dates and she wrote back to me, “You should write a book about all these dates.”

I have never written a book before (well, duh, I think that’s pretty obvious) and I don’t really know how one goes about it.  I have the moleskine notebooks and plan on doing some brainstorming this weekend.  It will be fun to look back at some of those horrendous dates and laugh at them now.  It is all about perspective, right?  Of course, now that I have gone on four dates with this new guy, I am hoping that the book will have a happy ending and won’t end with my protagonist downing a bottle of wine and painting pictures of her seventeen kitty cats.

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This and That

I have been on “vacation” for a week now.  I put that in quotes because this summer is going to consist of me packing, finding a place to live and renting my place out.  Not to mention figuring out a new job that I have never done before.   I am not complaining, I swear.  Really, I am actually very excited about all of this.

First, let’s talk about the house search.

I spent ten hours today (most of them in the car) driving all over southern Maine and New Hampshire looking for a place.  It is not that easy finding a place that will take three dogs.  I looked at one very cute, but also extremely small, apartment.  The drawback is that there is NO YARD for the pups.  My dogs are very used to rural living and have developed the habit of needing bushes or woods to go to the bathroom.  They will not go when on a leash.  Living in a downtown area is not really a possibility for me.  So the cute, but small apartment was not really an option.  I then looked at a place in New Hampshire with a nice yard, but the apartment?  Ugh.  The most disgusting carpet I ever saw and a bathroom I couldn’t even turn around in.  The floors all slanted down and the closets?  Teeny, tiny.  Not good for this girl with too many clothes.  I then checked out a few more places to no avail.  The last place I looked at?  I think it might be home.  Rural setting, beautiful area.  Acres and acres of woods surrounding the place.  Less than a five minute drive to an adorable little downtown area with a great bar/cafe that I had lunch at.  The house? A duplex (an elderly lady lives in the other half).  Two bedrooms, lots of closet space.  Nice tiled floor downstairs.  A walk-out basement for the dogs.  Washer/dryer hook-up.  Dishwasher. Nice, clean carpets upstairs.   I’m in love.

Home sweet home?  I hope so.

On a totally different note.  This is my birthday week.  That’s right, I am one of those people who believe in a birthday week.  Last night I went out to dinner with my father.  We had a fabulous dinner and even better conversation.  My old man got a little sentimental on me.  He kept gushing about how proud he was of me and then the most earth shattering moment?  When he said to me, “I know I fucked up as a father and I regret so many things I did or didn’t do.  But somehow, kiddo, you turned out amazing.”    That was probably the best birthday present I could ask for.

And then this morning I wake up and check my reader and find out I won a pouch from Long Story Longer!  Can this birthday week get any better?

Why yes, it can.  Because then this evening my mother called me and said we were going to a performance of Shakespeare’s Complete Works on Saturday.

A home, love from my father, a fabulous pouch and Shakespeare!  I love birthdays!

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Ch- ch- ch- changes

I recently enrolled in the information and library science master’s degree program.  On a whim, I applied for a high school librarian job at a school in southern Maine.  I honestly assumed they would probably just laugh at my application, but I figured why not at least try?  Then they called and asked me in for interview.  The interview went really well.  The faculty I met were extremely warm and inviting and very casual and laid back, in other words, a place I felt I would like to work.  One of the teachers gave me a tour of the school.  In the interview when they asked me if I had any questions for them, one of the questions I had asked was what they all liked best about working in the district.  On the tour the teacher said to me, “What I didn’t say in the interview was that the best thing about working here is that 90% of our staff is under the age of 40.  It is a great place to work and a great place to make friends and be social.”  She was so sweet.  As I left, she said, “I really hope you get the job.”

Well folks, guess what?  I GOT THE JOB!!!!!!!!!

I am beside myself.  It is so exciting.  It is also very overwhelming.  I have to move.  I have to figure out what the hell to do with my house.  I am sad about leaving my job and my students.  But I am also so excited about starting somewhere new and meeting new people and living in a town with some life and culture and a pulse.  It is going to be an adventure.


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36 in 36

My birthday is coming up in a little more than two weeks.  I tried to come up with 36 things to do in my thirty sixth year.  Here is what I have so far:

  1. Go to California to see my sister and niece
  2. Grow my hair back out to the stacked bob
  3. Run a 5k
  4. Take a photography course
  5. Host a dinner party where I cook the entire meal
  6. Get an orchid and keep it alive
  7. Plan a girls’ weekend
  8. Hike Tumbledown Mountain
  9. Camp on an island (plans in the making)
  10. Do more volunteer work
  11. Learn to make earrings
  12. Go kayaking
  13. Get a pedicure
  14. Get a massage
  15. Join a book club that actually meets
  16. See more live music
  17. See Garrison Keillor when he comes to Maine
  18. Go fishing
  19. Ask someone out on a date
  20. Watch less television
  21. Read more
  22. Take a real vacation, involving hotels and room service
  23. Do (take?) a sauna
  24. Blog on a more regular basis
  25. Quit smoking
  26. Join a club or group of some sort (something social)
  27. Go to the Common Ground Fair in the fall
  28. Do something exciting for New Year’s Eve
  29. Take my pups on more walks
  30. Take my dad to a Sea Dogs game
  31. Take my friends’ kids for a weekend
  32. Go to a batting cage
  33. Go horseback riding
  34. Sing karaoke
  35. Take a Zumba class
  36. Finish painting downstairs

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The Waiting Game

Well, I have sent out a gazillion applications in the past few weeks.  Now I am just sitting and waiting and wondering why nobody is calling.  I have applied to a couple of schools here in Maine, one of which I interviewed at ten years ago and didn’t get an offer.  I guess I just have something to prove to myself with that one.  I also have sent in a slew of applications to schools in Connecticut, since that is where my graduate program is.  I can do the whole program online, but I would really rather not do it that way.  I would like to be in a classroom with living, breathing human beings if I can.  I think the fact that I do not yet have a Connecticut teaching license is definitely not working in my favor.  I feel like I look really good on paper.  I have strong letters of recommendation.  I am the department head at the school I work at now.  I have been in the same place for nine years, I don’t move all around.  I not only teach at the high school level, but also at the college level.  I have a Master’s degree.  Hell, I would set up an interview with me.  So, why the heck aren’t they calling?

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So I finally heard from the school that I interviewed with on Monday and if you couldn’t guess from the title of this post-  I did not get the job.  I had a feeling when I left that this was the case, but silly me, I still held onto hope.  I am disappointed, but not as disappointed as I thought I would be.  The idea of selling my house, packing all my shit, moving three dogs to a city, leaving my family, friends, etc is all a little bit overwhelming and hard to imagine, so I guess what I am trying to say is that I am okay with the rejection.  Yeah, it stings, don’t we all want people to accept us and want us?  But, hey, it is okay.  I am okay with it.  I am still appying to other schools in Connecticut-  the pay increase is just way too much not to be tempted.  Will I really  move?  I don’t know-  I just want the option.  So we will see how all that plays out. 

In other news- the snow is melting, temps in the high 50s to low 60s this weekend.  The dogs and I are getting outside.  They are loving it.  I spotted the daffodils sprouting up in their usual spots on my lawn.  The pre-cursor to Spring for sure.  “Hope Springs Eternal” or something like that, right?

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