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Yesterday I took the dogs out in the woods.  It is so nice having these trails so close by.  My pups love to run and romp in the woods and love NOT being on a leash.  And let me tell you, if you have ever tried to walk three dogs at the same time then you know what I am talking about, I love NOT having to keep them on a leash as well.  At any rate, I decided to try a new trail yesterday afternoon.

I think you know where this is headed.

Yep, that’s right.  I got lost.  Like panicky, holy shit I just might die out here in these woods, lost.  Within about ten minutes I realized that what I thought was a trail, really was not a trail at all.  I tried to turn back, but of course since I wasn’t on a trail in the first place, I just got myself more and more lost.  It was about 5:30 and immediately I began to think, “I have to get myself out of here before it gets dark and then I am screwed.”  My heart was racing as I pushed limbs and ferns and the like out of my way, convinced I had a million ticks on me.  I took a moment, tried to collect myself and looked around trying to figure out what the hell to do.  The dogs, oblivious to the fact we were lost, were relishing in this time in the woods and the freedom of not having to wear a leash.  They were running ahead, circling back, barreling over each other and sniffing everything in sight.  Tails wagging, tongues out, these were some happy dogs.

And once again, my pets remind me to take each moment as it comes and relish in the fact that we don’t have to always know where we are going.


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The Banjo Minnow

Excuse me while I whine.

About a month ago I had a huge tumor removed from my dog Banjo’s stomach.  Then my other dog Copleland got hookworm and whip worm.  Then Banjo sprained his front paw and needed painkillers and x-rays.  In the last month those two pups have cost me over $900.  Goodbye trip to California to visit my sister and niece.

Yes, I am feeling a little sorry for myself.  I’m entitled.

However, let’s look on the bright side of the situation.  Banjo no longer has a four pound tumor hanging off of him.  He has a little of his mojo back.  Granted, he’s not climbing mountains anymore, but he is still going up and down the stairs.  He still wrestles with the other dogs.  He still barks at every person that walks by my house.  He still barks and dances around every morning if I don’t get up by 5:00 a.m. to feed him.  He still makes his Chewbaca noises when he plays.  Oh, Banjo.  He has been my constant for the past fourteen years.  If giving up a vacation means spending a little more time with the one and only male who has stuck with me though everything, then so be it.  Some day the time will come when he won’t be waiting at the door for me when I come home from work.  But not today.

And that is worth it.

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Oh, the cuteness

There are days when I clean up dog shit, puke or a knocked over plant and I just want to kill my dogs.  They bark every time a leaf blows by outside the window.  They walk directly under my feet when I go up and down the stairs.  Every piece of clothing I own is covered in dog hair.  I can’t go anywhere over night without arranging and paying for a dog sitter.  I have paid thousands of dollars in vet bills, dog food and medicine for them.  Yes, all these things make me say, “What the hell was I thinking when I decided that owning three dogs was a good idea?”

Then there are days when they do this and my heart melts.

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