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Guess what?  I am moving again.  I found a new place that is literally across the street from work. I can walk to work.  I can come home on my lunch break and see my pups and let them out.  It is a lot more room and my kitchen and living room are no longer the same room.  I can’t even begin to tell you how happy that makes me. And my bedroom?  It has a window seat, swoon!   There is a nice basement too that I already have started making plans for a yoga/meditation room.  ImageImage I

How much do you want to just curl up into that little cave of coziness in the second picture?  I think I can actually do this.  I have a futon mattress.  Just need some big ol’ pillows to make it complete.

So once again I am back to packing everything into boxes and all that fun that comes with that, but I am really looking forward to it, strange as that may sound.  I like the purging process that comes when you move and I love to set up a new space.  Moving forces you to be organized and this girl craves organization.


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Picture Courtesy of http://tinyhouseblog.com

I own a house.  A house in a town where I no longer live.  Currently that home is being rented out by a young couple and their adorable two year old son.  So that makes me a landlord.  However, I am also a renter.  I am renting a duplex in the area where I now work.  I HATE renting.  I feel like I am pissing away money every month.  Not to mention that I live in a much smaller place now, but my rent is 400 dollars more expensive than my house payments.  That’s the difference between rural Maine and Southern Seacoast Maine.  I would love to think about purchasing a home in this area, but damn these places are expensive!  I fear I may be a renter for a long time.

I came across this blog a while back and I keep going back to it.  I love these little homes.  It is just me, I don’t need a ton of space.  In fact, the less space the better.  That means the less crap I accumulate.  When I moved from my house to the duplex I began the purging process.  I still have so much more I can get rid of .  It is just stuff, right?  Why do we (or maybe just me?) feel the need to possess so many material objects?  This is something I really want to work on.  Minimalism.  That’s what 2012 is about for me.

You really should check out the Tumbleweed homes.  Some of them are so cool.  I love looking at how people maximize their small spaces.   I really love the B-53 (pictured above).  It is so stinking cute.  Can’t you just picture yourself sipping tea and reading a book on that porch?  Just a little tiny patch of land needed.  Some sunflowers in the yard.  Home sweet home.

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Moving Update

Things are looking up on the moving front.  I put the deposit on the house and my lease will start July 15th.  I also found renters for my house.  I can’t officially move until the end of August because of this summer job I have, but I plan on moving some things down to the new place in July so that I can spend some weekends there, getting situated with the new job and all.  I also have some plans to paint the new place and get it decorated so it feels like home.  The downstairs is one big room, kitchen/living room/dining room all combined.  It is a smaller space than I have now, so it is going to take some creativity to set it up.  This is the room:

I want to paint one of the walls a kind of purplish-pink color.  I am thinking something along the lines of this:

Except, you know, it wouldn’t be a bedroom.  I have a black couch and love seat, so I think it will look nice.  The questions is, where does the tv go?  I don’t want to block off the room, I like the idea of it being open, but then I am really working with two walls, one for the couch, one for the loveseat.  The other wall (that you can’t see in the picture) is the sliding glass door to enter the house.  I guess I could put the couch or loveseat not against a wall, but then I start to close off the space and things feel smaller and more enclosed, which I am trying to avoid.  See my dilemma?  Ideas?  Please!

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