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Guess what?  I am moving again.  I found a new place that is literally across the street from work. I can walk to work.  I can come home on my lunch break and see my pups and let them out.  It is a lot more room and my kitchen and living room are no longer the same room.  I can’t even begin to tell you how happy that makes me. And my bedroom?  It has a window seat, swoon!   There is a nice basement too that I already have started making plans for a yoga/meditation room.  ImageImage I

How much do you want to just curl up into that little cave of coziness in the second picture?  I think I can actually do this.  I have a futon mattress.  Just need some big ol’ pillows to make it complete.

So once again I am back to packing everything into boxes and all that fun that comes with that, but I am really looking forward to it, strange as that may sound.  I like the purging process that comes when you move and I love to set up a new space.  Moving forces you to be organized and this girl craves organization.


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Picture Courtesy of http://tinyhouseblog.com

I own a house.  A house in a town where I no longer live.  Currently that home is being rented out by a young couple and their adorable two year old son.  So that makes me a landlord.  However, I am also a renter.  I am renting a duplex in the area where I now work.  I HATE renting.  I feel like I am pissing away money every month.  Not to mention that I live in a much smaller place now, but my rent is 400 dollars more expensive than my house payments.  That’s the difference between rural Maine and Southern Seacoast Maine.  I would love to think about purchasing a home in this area, but damn these places are expensive!  I fear I may be a renter for a long time.

I came across this blog a while back and I keep going back to it.  I love these little homes.  It is just me, I don’t need a ton of space.  In fact, the less space the better.  That means the less crap I accumulate.  When I moved from my house to the duplex I began the purging process.  I still have so much more I can get rid of .  It is just stuff, right?  Why do we (or maybe just me?) feel the need to possess so many material objects?  This is something I really want to work on.  Minimalism.  That’s what 2012 is about for me.

You really should check out the Tumbleweed homes.  Some of them are so cool.  I love looking at how people maximize their small spaces.   I really love the B-53 (pictured above).  It is so stinking cute.  Can’t you just picture yourself sipping tea and reading a book on that porch?  Just a little tiny patch of land needed.  Some sunflowers in the yard.  Home sweet home.

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Earlier this year I made some resolutions.  One of them was to start painting the walls in my home, including a chalkboard wall in my kitchen.

I have been waiting for this for some time now.  I still want to paint the wall below and that hideous trim, but hey, it is a start. There was a random outlet in the middle of the wall.  Not sure how to handle that.  Oh well.

I also re-painted a table and chair, bringing some brightness into the kitchen.  I

I love my new little breakfast nook.  Now to buy some new curtains!

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