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Weekly Weigh In

Start Weight:  193

Current Weight:  176

Weekly Loss:  3 pounds

Total Loss:  17 pounds

I had a ROUGH week last week.  How I lost 3 pounds, I am not quite sure.  I broke down on Friday and had a bagel with cream cheese and pizza.  Holy carbs!  And then on Saturday during my break from work I had a double cheese burger and fries from McDonalds.  Disgusting, I know.  However, I did manage to get out and walk 3.5 miles twice during the week and I have been pretty good at not snacking, so somehow it all balanced itself out.  I am not excusing the junk food though.  I made poor choices and felt horrible after.  Not worth it.

This weight loss thing, it ain’t easy.  I read so many blogs and see so many other people struggling with the same issues.  It helps to read and hear how other people face the same difficulties that I do and how they cope with them.  Lots of good advice is out there.  And motivation.  Holy hell, you bloggers now how to make me feel guilty with all your running and boot camp blog posts.  So yeah, thanks for the inspiration and for not being afraid to share your struggles.


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Holy Headache Folks

So, I made it through day one.  Food wise, I was okay.  Not too hungry or anything.  Evenings are hard for me- that is when I do some serious snacking.  I actually didn’t feel too hungry, I think mostly due to how much cran water I was drinking.  I did go to bed at 8:30 through because


I only drank one cup of coffee yesterday and I think my body went into some serious withdrawals.  Today I have already had two cups of coffee in an attempt to steer clear of the headache.  Screw that.  I will keep drinking coffee.  You can’t take away all my fun.

I even went to the gym yesterday.  My couch to 5k is still in the works.  I didn’t quite run the whole time that I was supposed to.  I am hoping as I lose weight the running will get a little easier.  Because right now?  Not so easy.  I am slow, it hurts ever part of me body.  I definitely am doing more “brisk walking” than running, but I am moving.  I am moving.

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Day One

So today, March 26th, is day one of the Fat Flush.  In case you were wondering, the Fat Flush is based on the idea of cleansing your system, liver, digestive track, all that good stuff.  You take a lot of supplements.  And you drink a lot of diluted 100% cranberry juice (the expensive stuff).  I drink a cocktail of the cranberry juice and psyllium husks in the morning and evening.   I have flax seed oil in my smoothie and on my salad.  I take evening primrose oil and dandelion root and milk thistle.  I drink 64 oz of the cranberry juice cocktail.  There are no grains, no dairy.  It is meat, veggies, and fruits.  It is tough.  I am not going to lie.  It takes will power to get through those first two weeks, but I remember seeing how much weight I had lost in those two weeks and that was all the motivation I needed.  So I just need to get through these two weeks.  That’s it.  14 days.  No problem…..

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I am slowly getting myself back into an exercise routine.  I have committed to doing a 5k in July with two of my friends.  I am on week two of the couch to 5k program.  It is slow going.  I am seriously out of shape, but I am doing it.  I am moving. I jog/briskly walk for a half hour at least three times a week.  I am lifting weights again.  I am doing yoga. I am doing zumba here and there.   I am trying a barre class this weekend.

There is one problem though.

I am not losing weight.

I know why.  My eating habits are not good.  Every weekend I tell myself I am going to start eating better.  And then every Monday afternoon I screw up and eat something terrible and then it just becomes a huge downward spiral of Girl Scout cookies (oh god, those caramel delights are so freaking good), iced coffees loaded with cream and sugar, and last night,  last night I ate deliciously fried crab rangoons.

What is my problem?  Why can’t I get my shit together and eat right and have some will power?

I know that there is some deep rooted issue here about self-hate vs self-love and I just need to make the conscious effort to take better care of myself, but I am struggling.  Big time.  I have read about people creating vision boards and putting those intentions out there to see and look at every day.  It seems a little hokey to me, but I think I might give it a try.  Have any of you ever tried a vision board?  If so, did it work?

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Here We Go Again

My life is a constant struggle with my weight.  I lose weight, get cocky, start eating like a gluttonous pig and gain it all back again.  I am now in the gained it all back again phase.  I have finally reached the point where I can’t take looking at myself in a mirror anymore.  So here I am, once again, back on the diet train.  I am going with the South Beach diet- it is not as limiting as some of the others I have done.  My best results have come from Jenny Craig, but I can’t afford it this time around.    In an effort to hold myself accountable, I am going to use this blog to do weekly check-ins/updates and perhaps post a recipe here and there.

Of course exercise is a big part of this weight loss journey.  I have a gym membership and have been using it very sporadically.  I am shooting for at least 5 days a week at the gym.  I need to get myself back into a routine.  I heard somewhere that you have do something at least 14 times before it becomes a routine.  So for the next two weeks I am going to make that extra effort to go, even when I just want to head home and sip that iced coffee on my deck while reading a book.

The ultimate goal here is to lose 25 pounds and to feel better about my reflection in the mirror and how my clothes look on me.  Oh yeah, and to be healthy.

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