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1.  A leather jacket and boots can make any outfit badass.

2.  There is no such thing as your hair being too greasy.

3.  You never turn  your back on your brothers.  Old ladies may come and go, but your brothers are for life.

4. Smoking cigarettes makes you look cooler.

5.  You don’t wanna be a rat.  Bad things happen to those who rat.

6.  Prepaid disposable cell phones are the way to go.

7.  If you are out of town when you cheat on your old lady, it doesn’t count as cheating.

8.  If someone asks you to meet them in the woods or in an old abandoned warehouse, chances are it isn’t going to end well.

9.  Being called an old lady is not an insult.  In fact, it can be the highest compliment.  It means you’ve made it.

10. Running guns may be dangerous and illegal, but hey it’s not as bad as running drugs.


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