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Start Weight:  193

Current Weight:  179

Total Loss:  14 pounds

I am trying to get myself on a schedule and stick to it.  I have decided part of this schedule will include a weekly weigh-in and post on this weight loss progress.  Last week was vacation and while I thought it would be challenging to stick to the diet, I think I actually did better over vacation than I do during the regular work week.  I found myself eating  a lot less during the day and I was able to devote some time to exercise.  I mapped a nice 5k route to walk and did that four nights over vacation.  I also let my girlfriend convince me to try a spinning class.  Holy hell!  Spinning is some serious work.  I was walking funny for a couple of days

Can we just take a moment and reflect on that total loss?  14 pounds.  That’s a dress size.  Clothes fit and look better.  My spring coat?  I can button it again.  I can’t tell you how happy that makes me.  I am motivated.  It ain’t easy and sure, I want to eat some ice cream, but I am determined to see this through.   I know that weight shouldn’t define how you feel about yourself, but it does.  When I am healthy, I feel better, not just physically but emotionally.  I have more confidence and I know I project that when I feel good in my clothes and with my body.  I am getting there.  I will be there.  The goal is by August, I will be 165.  14 more pounds to go.  Hell, I’ve done that already.  Half-way there baby!!


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Here We Go Again

My life is a constant struggle with my weight.  I lose weight, get cocky, start eating like a gluttonous pig and gain it all back again.  I am now in the gained it all back again phase.  I have finally reached the point where I can’t take looking at myself in a mirror anymore.  So here I am, once again, back on the diet train.  I am going with the South Beach diet- it is not as limiting as some of the others I have done.  My best results have come from Jenny Craig, but I can’t afford it this time around.    In an effort to hold myself accountable, I am going to use this blog to do weekly check-ins/updates and perhaps post a recipe here and there.

Of course exercise is a big part of this weight loss journey.  I have a gym membership and have been using it very sporadically.  I am shooting for at least 5 days a week at the gym.  I need to get myself back into a routine.  I heard somewhere that you have do something at least 14 times before it becomes a routine.  So for the next two weeks I am going to make that extra effort to go, even when I just want to head home and sip that iced coffee on my deck while reading a book.

The ultimate goal here is to lose 25 pounds and to feel better about my reflection in the mirror and how my clothes look on me.  Oh yeah, and to be healthy.

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Bettering Myself

I used to work part-time in a bookstore.  One of the perks of this job was that I was given access to advanced readers’ copies of many books. One book I happened to grab was The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.  I was first attracted to the book because of the bright turquoise blue cover.  Upon closer examination I deemed it a self-help book and stored it on the bottom bookshelf, the one I never look at.  Because me…. puh-lease-  I do not read self-help books.

Then last weekend I was partaking in a little Sunday afternoon blog reading and I happened to stumble upon this post by Amy from Just a Titch. Her post made me go find that book on the bottom shelf and check it out.  In her book, Rubin decides to spend an entire year setting goals for herself in order to be happier and liver her life more fully.  Each month she picked an area of her life to work on and set achievable goals to reach within that month.  What I liked about this book was that the goals/resolutions she set were do-able and therefore they didn’t fall to the wayside like so many well-intentioned goals do.

So, yeah, I have decide to embark on my own happiness project.  Me, who scoffs at self-help books.  I even bought a journal to record my progress.  I have drunk the Kool-Aid.  I have decided t0 break it down into three major categories:  Mind, Body, Soul.  Cliche?  Maybe, but when it comes down to it, for me that encompasses it all.  This month I am focusing on mind.  One of the first things Gretchen Rubin did was work on getting organized.  Now I need to just say this about myself- I am an organizational freak.  I like things in their place.  Color coding makes me happy.  I have evening routines, morning routines… these are the things that keep me functioning and sane.  The idea of being even more organized made me a little giddy.  Yes, I am a dork, but hey if you are looking for tarragon in my kitchen you will find it between the sage and thyme (I alphabetize my spices… I told you I am organized).  I spent the weekend purging my kitchen and dining room.  I scrubbed everything, I tackled the cabinets, the junk drawers, everything.  About ten years ago I got on a big herbal remedy kick and I had jars and jars of herbs that I hadn’t used in ten years, that were no longer effective, tinctures that were rancid, oils that were way past their prime.  Gone, gone, gone.  It felt so good to rid myself of all that extra stuff, stuff I didn’t need, stuff that was just taking up space.  The other HUGE thing I have taken on is what Rubin refers to as “the two minute rule”.   The two minute rule is this- if it will take less than two minutes to do, do it NOW.  Don’t put if off, do it immediately.  I think of how many Sundays I have spent three or more hours doing all those things I could have done in two minutes or less during the week.  This rule has already made me feel so much more efficient, so much less stressed about my mile long to do lists. Oh yes, did I mention that I also love lists?  Speaking of which, I made a tentative list of how to tackle this bettering myself project.   So far, this is what I have come up with.

March:  Mind

Get organized, reduce stress and anxiety of “things I have to do”

1.  Organize and purge rooms :  kitchen, dining room, bathroom, living room, bedroom, guest room, junk room (this one scares me)

2.  Follow the 2 Minute Rule

3.  Grade one stack of papers a night before I turn on the television

April:  Body

Feel better about my physical health

1.  Exercise in some form (gym, running, hiking) at least 4 times a week

2.  Drink more water

3.  In bed by 10:00 p.m. Sunday through Thursday night

May:  Soul

Make more social plans, get a massage or something that makes me feel pretty, enjoy time outside with the dogs

1.  Make plans to be with friends or family on Saturdays

2.  Make an appointment at the spa

3.  Take dogs somewhere (backyard does not count) at least once a week

June:  Mind

Challenge myself intellectually, read more

1.  Take a class

2.  Read every night for at least a half hour before I go to sleep

This list may change as I go and I am okay with that.  I will keep you posted on how this all goes, you can count on that!

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