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A New Day

I’m just going to act like it hasn’t been months and months since I last posted.  Whatever.  I just sometimes feel like my day to day life isn’t all that interesting.  And then I realize, well then, start making your life more interesting.  Do things you want to talk about and share with the world.  So I have created a life list and am going to use this blog to update my progress on this list. My intention here is that each time I do something that is a step toward achieving one of the goals on my list, I will blog about it and keep a running journal of my progress.

Here is the list:

1.  Go to Barcelona

2.  Learn to use my camera

3.  Try out for roller derby

4.  Make a rag quilt

5. Get my second Master’s degree

6.  Foster a child

7. Have my pictures taken professionally

8. Grow my hair out to sock bun length

9. Quit Smoking

10. Take my mother on vacation

11. Follow through on a business idea I have had for a while

12.  Spend a weekend in New York City

13.  Host a fondue dinner party

14.  Spend a week alone in New Mexico

15.  Treat myself to a spa day when I lose 30 pounds

16.  Grow a lemon tree

17.  Take pictures of my niece as a gift to my sister

18.  Get out of debt

19.  Raise pygmy goats

20.  Wear a size 8

21.  Get into a yoga practice

22.  Learn to drive a standard

23.  Take horseback riding lessons

24.  Learn about wines and go to vineyards

25.  Have a small box garden


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