I just entered my first 5k.  May 28th.

Holy shit, I need to start getting my ass in shape.


Fair and Foul

First the FAIR:

* I have officially completed two weeks of the Fat Flush diet and have lost a total of eight pounds so far.  Last week was rough with four late nights at work, I wasn’t able to fit the gym into my schedule.  I am feeling good doing this diet.  Turned down red velvet cake, whoopie pie cake, and a cupcake.  That’s right.  Go me. The diet is restricting and makes it hard to eat on the run, but I am sticking with it.  Discipline baby.   I will get back into a size 10.  I will get back into a size 10.

* I just got a part-time job for nights and weekends at one of my favorite clothing stores.  I’m not supposed to use its name on social network sites, but I will just say this-  hello 50% discount.  I am psyched about this.  I have already picked out about three paychecks worth of clothes I can’t wait to buy.  Hopefully this summer, once school is out I will pick up more shifts and can save some money.

*  I am going to look at a new place to rent on Friday.  My place is small and it is starting to drive me crazy.  The place I am going to look at has hardwood floors throughout, a gorgeous kitchen with a big butcher block island and 3, count ’em, 3 bedrooms.  I think this could be the place.

*  I have tickets to go out to California to see my sister and niece this summer.  I can’t wait to see that little girl.  God, I miss her!!

*  Going to see the Red Sox with my father on Sunday.  Looking forward to a day at Fenway with the old man.  Here’s hoping they win!


* My tenants who are renting out my place just broke their lease without any notice and are demanding their security deposit back.  I am ripped shit about this and believe me, I will be looking into the legalities of this situation.  They just sent me the key and said our lease was null and void due to the fact I didn’t disclose that my 100 year old house may have lead paint.  I have a feeling they may be in right here, but come on, really?  About a month ago I got a letter from a bank loaner who was checking their references because I know they are planning on building.  Coincidence that a month after I get that letter they opt out of their lease?  I think not.  So, yeah, I am pissed.

I apologize for the format of this post, but I had all these random things that I wanted to put down and wasn’t sure how else to get them all out, so yeah, I took the easy way out!

So, I made it through day one.  Food wise, I was okay.  Not too hungry or anything.  Evenings are hard for me- that is when I do some serious snacking.  I actually didn’t feel too hungry, I think mostly due to how much cran water I was drinking.  I did go to bed at 8:30 through because


I only drank one cup of coffee yesterday and I think my body went into some serious withdrawals.  Today I have already had two cups of coffee in an attempt to steer clear of the headache.  Screw that.  I will keep drinking coffee.  You can’t take away all my fun.

I even went to the gym yesterday.  My couch to 5k is still in the works.  I didn’t quite run the whole time that I was supposed to.  I am hoping as I lose weight the running will get a little easier.  Because right now?  Not so easy.  I am slow, it hurts ever part of me body.  I definitely am doing more “brisk walking” than running, but I am moving.  I am moving.

Day One

So today, March 26th, is day one of the Fat Flush.  In case you were wondering, the Fat Flush is based on the idea of cleansing your system, liver, digestive track, all that good stuff.  You take a lot of supplements.  And you drink a lot of diluted 100% cranberry juice (the expensive stuff).  I drink a cocktail of the cranberry juice and psyllium husks in the morning and evening.   I have flax seed oil in my smoothie and on my salad.  I take evening primrose oil and dandelion root and milk thistle.  I drink 64 oz of the cranberry juice cocktail.  There are no grains, no dairy.  It is meat, veggies, and fruits.  It is tough.  I am not going to lie.  It takes will power to get through those first two weeks, but I remember seeing how much weight I had lost in those two weeks and that was all the motivation I needed.  So I just need to get through these two weeks.  That’s it.  14 days.  No problem…..

About six years ago I did the Fat Flush diet and I lost about 35 pounds.  I was wearing a size eight, I was working out and had serious muscle tone, my skin cleared up and most importantly I felt GOOD.  Now, I am a size 14 or sixteen, depending on the store, my muscles have turned to flab and I feel like utter crap.  I am self-conscious of my size, my gut, my triple chin.  I disgust myself.

So today I went to Whole Foods and loaded up on the 100% cranberry juice, flax seed oil, evening primrose oil. and psyllium husks.  I will get back there.  I will.  I live near the ocean now and I want to feel good about myself in a bathing suit.  This blog may change direction here a little as I hope to use it as a way to keep track of my progress.  The goal here is to do a Sunday evening check in and post my weight, my exercise for the week, any setbacks I may have had and my overall progress.

Starting Weight:  193 (this is by far the HEAVIEST I have ever weighed)

March Madness

This post is not about basketball.

March 25th.  Is that date important to you?  I have it marked on my calendar.  Why?

It is the ridiculously long awaited return of Mad Men.  I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this show.  Here are a few reasons




It isn’t just Don Draper though.  It is Peggy, Joan, Pete, Roger Sterling, Cooper, crazy creepy Sally, and of course bat shit insane Betty Draper.  It’s the clothes, the drinking, the smoking, the womanizing, the blatant sexism and the brilliant writing.  It’s the cleverly chosen song for the end credits.  But Don Draper doesn’t hurt.


I have started taking a photography course.  My first assignment was to take pictures from the perspective of an animal.  The teacher basically wanted us to stop shooting pictures with the camera right up to our face and look at the world from a different perspective.  Here are a few samples of the pictures I shot.